First Generation KH (2014-2022)

      L KIA K900 2014-2022 Owner's Manual
           L Introduction
                L How to use this manual
                L Fuel requirements
                     L Gasoline containing alcohol and methanol
                     L Gasoline containing MMT
                     L Do not use methanol
                     L Fuel Additives
                     L Operation in foreign countries
                L Vehicle break-in process
                L Vehicle data collection and event data recorders
           L Your vehicle at a glance
                L Exterior overview
                L Interior overview
                L Instrument panel overview
                L Engine compartment
           L Seat and safety features of your vehicle
                L Seats
                     L Drivers seat
                     L Front passengers seat
                     L Rear seat
                     L Front seat adjustment - power
                          L Forward and backward
                          L Seatback angle
                          L Seat cushion height
                          L Lumbar support (for drivers seat)
                          L Cushion length adjustment (for drivers seat)
                     L Driver position memory system
                          L Storing positions into memory using the buttons on the door
                          L Easy access function
                     L Headrest (for front seat)
                          L Forward and backward adjustment
                          L Adjusting the height up and down
                          L Removal
                          L Installation
                     L Rear seat adjustment - for power seat
                          L Forward, backward and seatback angle (for power seat)
                          L Easy access switch (for power seat)
                          L Additional switches for adjusting the front passenger seat
                          L Lumbar support (for rear right and left passengers seat)
                          L Rear switches operating limitation
                          L Headrest (for rear seat)
                          L Armrest
                          L Carrying long / narrow cargo (for fixed seat, if equipped)
                L Seat belts
                     L Seat belt restraint system
                          L Seat belt warning (for drivers seat)
                          L Seat belt warning (for front passengers seat)
                          L Seat belt - Driver's 3-point system with emergency locking retractor
                          L Seat belts - Front passenger and rear seat 3-point system with combination locking retractor
                     L Pre-tensioner seat belt
                     L Pre-Safe Seat belt (PSB)
                     L Seat belt precautions
                     L Care of seat belts
                L Child restraint system
                     L Using a child restraint system
                          L Placing a passenger seat belt into the auto lock mode
                          L Securing a child restraint seat with tether anchorage system
                          L Securing a child restraint seat with child seat lower anchor system
                L Air bag
                     L How does the air bag system operate
                          L Noise and smoke
                          L Installing a child restraint on a front passengers seat is forbidden
                     L Air bag warning light
                     L SRS components and functions
                     L Occupant detection system
                          L Main components of occupant detection system
                          L Condition and operation in the front passenger occupant detection system
                     L Driver's and passenger's front air bag
                     L Side air bag
                     L Curtain air bag
                     L Why didnt my air bag go off in a collision? (Inflation and noninflation conditions of the air bag)
                          L Air bag collision sensors
                          L Air bag inflation conditions
                          L Air bag non-inflation conditions
                     L SRS Care
                     L Adding equipment to or modifying your air bag-equipped vehicle
                     L Air bag warning label
           L Features of your vehicle
                L Smart key
                     L Record your key number
                     L Smart key functions
                          L Locking
                          L Unlocking
                     L Smart key precautions
                     L Remote keyless entry system operations
                     L Transmitter precautions
                     L Pursuant to Code of Federal Regulations, Title 47, Part 15 ("FCC Rules")
                     L Battery replacement
                     L Mechanical key operations
                     L Restrictions in Handling Keys
                     L Immobilizer system
                     L Pursuant to Code of Federal Regulations, Title 47, Part 15 ("FCC Rules")
                L Theft-alarm system
                     L Armed stage
                     L Theft-alarm stage
                     L Disarmed stage
                L Door locks
                     L Operating door locks from outside the vehicle
                     L Power Door Latch
                     L Operating door locks from inside the vehicle
                          L With the door lock button
                          L Rear door lock button
                          L With central door lock switch
                     L Impact sensing door unlock system
                     L Auto door lock/unlock feature
                     L Child-protector rear door lock
                L Trunk
                     L Non-Powered Trunk
                     L Power Trunk
                          L Power Trunk Non-Opening or Closing Conditions
                          L Automatic stop and Reverse
                          L To Reset the Power Trunk
                     L Trunk Lid Control Button
                     L Emergency Trunk Safety Release
                L Windows
                     L Power windows
                          L Window opening and closing
                          L Power window lock button
                L Hood
                     L Opening the hood
                     L Closing the hood
                L Fuel filler lid
                     L Opening the fuel filler lid
                     L Closing the fuel filler lid
                     L Emergency fuel filler lid release
                L Panoramic sunroof
                     L Sunroof open warning
                     L Sliding the sunroof
                     L Closing the sunroof
                     L Tilting the sunroof
                     L Sunshade
                     L Resetting the sunroof
                L Steering wheel
                     L Electronic Hydraulic Power Steering (EHPS)
                     L Tilt Steering/Telescope Steering
                     L Heated steering wheel
                     L Horn
                L Mirrors
                     L Inside rearview mirror
                     L Outside rearview mirror
                          L Adjusting outside rearview mirror
                          L Reverse parking aid function
                          L Folding the outside rearview mirror
                          L Electric chromic mirror (ECM)
                L Instrument cluster
                     L Instrument Cluster Control
                     L LCD Display Control
                     L Gauges
                          L Speedometer
                          L Tachometer
                          L Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge
                          L Fuel Gauge
                          L Odometer
                          L Outside Temperature Gauge
                     L Transaxle Shift Indicator
                L LCD Display
                     L LCD Modes
                     L Trip Computer Mode
                     L Turn By Turn (TBT) Mode
                     L ASCC/LDWS Mode
                     L A/V Mode
                     L Information Mode
                          L Service Interval
                          L Tire Pressure
                     L User Settings Mode
                     L Warning Messages
                L Trip computer
                     L Overview
                     L Fuel Economy
                          L Range (1)
                          L Average Fuel Economy (2)
                          L Instant Fuel Economy (3)
                     L Trip A/B
                          L Tripmeter (1)
                          L Average Vehicle Speed (2)
                          L Elapsed Time (3)
                          L One time driving information mode
                L Warning and indicator lights
                     L Warning lights
                          L Air bag Warning Light
                          L Seat Belt Warning Light
                          L Parking Brake & Brake Fluid Warning Light
                          L Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Warning Light
                          L Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) System Warning Light
                          L Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)
                          L Charging System Warning Light
                          L Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light
                          L Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light
                          L Low Fuel Level Warning Light
                          L Low Tire Pressure Warning Light
                          L Door Ajar Warning Light
                          L Trunk Open Warning Light
                          L Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFLS) Warning Light
                          L LED Headlamp Warning Light
                          L Electric Parking Brake (EPB) Warning Light
                          L Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC) Warning Light
                          L Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC) Radar Warning Light
                     L Indicator Lights
                          L Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Indicator Light
                          L Electronic Stability Control (ESC) OFF Indicator Light
                          L Auto Hold Indicator Light
                          L Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) Indicator Light
                          L Advanced Vehicle Safety Management (AVSM) OFF Indicator Light
                          L Sport/Snow Mode Indicator Light
                          L Eco Indicator Light
                          L Immobilizer Indicator Light (With Smart Key)
                          L Turn Signal Indicator Light
                          L High Beam Indicator Light
                          L Light ON Indicator Light
                          L Front Fog Indicator Light
                          L Cruise Indicator Light
                          L Cruise SET Indicator Light
                L Head up display (HUD)
                     L Description
                     L Head Up Display ON/OFF
                     L Head Up Display Information
                     L Head Up Display Setting
                L Parking assist system
                     L Operation of the parking assist system
                          L Operating condition
                          L Types of warning sound and indicator
                     L Non-operational conditions of parking assist system
                     L Self-diagnosis
                L Rear camera display
                L Parking guide system
                     L Parking guide system (PGS) display
                     L Changing rear view angle
                L Front blind spot monitoring system
                L Surround view monitoring system (SVM)
                L Welcome system
                     L Puddle lamp
                     L Headlight
                     L Interior light
                L Lighting
                     L Battery saver function
                     L Headlight escort function
                     L Daytime running light
                     L Lighting control
                     L High beam operation
                     L Turn signals and lane change signals
                     L Front fog light
                     L Headlight leveling device
                L Wipers & Washers
                     L Windshield wiper/washer
                          L Windshield wipers
                          L Auto control
                          L Windshield washers
                L Interior light
                     L Automatic turn off function
                     L Front lamp switch
                     L Rear lamp switch
                     L Trunk room lamp
                     L Door courtesy lamp
                     L Glove box lamp
                     L Vanity mirror lamp
                L Defroster
                     L Rear window defroster
                L Automatic climate control system
                     L Automatic heating and air conditioning
                     L Manual heating and air conditioning
                          L Mode selection
                          L Temperature control
                          L Air intake control
                          L Fan speed control
                          L Air conditioning
                          L OFF mode
                          L Climate information screen selection
                          L Rear control lock
                     L System operation
                     L Climate control air filter
                     L Checking the amount of air conditioner refrigerant and compressor lubricant
                     L Air Conditioning refrigerant label
                L Windshield defrosting and defogging
                     L To defog inside windshield
                     L To defrost outside windshield
                     L Defogging logic
                     L Auto Defogging System
                L Storage compartments
                     L Center console storage
                     L Rear seat storage
                     L Glove box
                     L Sunglass holder
                     L Seatback pocket
                     L Map pocket
                L Interior features
                     L Cup holder
                     L Sunvisor
                     L Power outlet
                     L Seat warmer
                     L Air ventilation seat
                     L Clock
                     L Clothes hanger
                     L Floor mat anchor(s)
                     L Rear vanity mirror
                     L Bag hanger
                     L Luggage net (holder)
                     L Rear curtain
                     L Side curtain
                L Multimedia system
                     L Aux, USB and iPod port
                     L USB charger
                     L Audio / Video / Navigation system (AVN)
                     L Driver Information System (DIS)
                     L Bluetooth Wireless Technology hands-free
                     L Antenna
                     L Steering wheel audio control
           L Driving your vehicle
                L Before driving
                     L Before entering vehicle
                     L Necessary inspections
                     L Before starting
                L Engine start/stop button
                     L Illuminated Engine Start/Stop button
                     L Engine Start/Stop button position
                          L Off
                          L ACC(Accessory)
                          L ON
                          L Start/Run
                L Starting the engine
                     L Starting the engine with a smart key
                L Automatic transmission (Shift by cable)
                     L Automatic transmission operation
                          L Transmission ranges
                          L Shift lock system
                     L Good driving practices
                L Automatic transmission (Shift by wire)
                     L Automatic transmission operation
                          L Transmission ranges
                          L Shift lock system
                          L When the battery is discharged
                     L Good driving practices
                L Brake system
                     L Power brakes
                          L In the event of brake failure
                          L Disc brakes wear indicator
                     L Electric parking brake (EPB)
                     L System warning
                     L Emergency braking
                     L Auto hold
                     L Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
                     L Electronic stability control (ESC)
                          L ESC operation
                          L ESC operation off
                          L Indicator light
                          L ESC OFF usage
                     L Hill-start assist control (HAC)
                     L Good braking practices
                L Advanced vehicle safety management (AVSM)
                     L Brake operation
                     L Seat belt operating
                     L User setting mode
                     L Malfunction indicator
                L Drive mode integrated control system
                     L ECO mode (Active ECO)
                     L Sport mode
                     L Snow mode
                L Cruise control system
                     L Cruise control switch
                     L To set cruise control speed
                     L To increase cruise control set speed
                     L To decrease the cruising speed
                     L To temporarily accelerate with the cruise control on
                     L To cancel cruise control, do one of the following
                     L To resume cruising speed at more than approximately 20 mph (30 km/h)
                     L To turn cruise control off, do one of the following
                L Advanced Smart Cruise Control system
                     L Speed setting (ASCC)
                          L To set cruise control speed
                          L To increase cruise control set speed
                          L To decrease the crusie control set speed
                          L To temporarily accelerate with the cruise control on
                          L ASCC will be temporarily canceled when
                          L To resume cruise control set speed
                          L To turn cruise control off
                     L Vehicle to vehicle distance setting (ASCC)
                          L To set vehicle to vehicle distance
                          L In traffic situation
                          L Sensor to detect distance to the vehicle ahead
                     L To convert to cruise control mode
                     L Limitations of the system
                          L On curves
                          L On inclines
                          L Lane changing
                          L Vehicle recognition
                L Lane departure warning system (LDWS)
                     L Warning indicator
                     L The LDWS does not operate when
                     L The LDWS may not warn you even if the vehicle leaves the lane, or may warn you even if the vehicle does not leave the lane when
                L Blind spot detection system (BSD)
                     L BSD (Blind Spot Detection) / LCA (Lane Change Assist)
                          L Operating conditions
                          L Warning type
                          L Detecting sensor
                     L Warning message
                     L RCTA (Rear cross traffic alert)
                     L Non-operating condition
                     L Pursuant to Code of Federal Regulations, Title 47, Part 15 ("FCC Rules").
                L Economical operation
                L Special driving conditions
                     L Hazardous driving conditions
                     L Rocking the vehicle
                     L Smooth cornering
                     L Driving at night
                     L Driving in the rain
                     L Driving in flooded areas
                     L Driving off-road
                     L Highway driving
                L Winter driving
                     L Snowy or Icy conditions
                     L Use high quality ethylene glycol coolant
                     L Check battery and cables
                     L Change to "winter weight" oil if necessary
                     L Check spark plugs and ignition system
                     L To keep locks from freezing
                     L Use approved window washer anti-freeze in system
                     L Don't let your parking brake freeze
                     L Don't let ice and snow accumulate underneath
                     L Carry emergency equipment
                L Vehicle load limit
                     L Tire and loading information label
                     L Certification label
                L Vehicle weight
           L What to do in an emergency
                L Road warning
                     L Hazard warning flasher
                L Emergency while driving
                     L If the engine stalls at a crossroad or crossing
                     L If you have a flat tire while driving
                     L If engine stalls while driving
                L If the engine will not start
                     L If engine doesn't turn over or turns over slowly
                     L If engine turns over normally but does not start
                L Emergency starting
                     L Jump starting
                     L Push-starting
                L Engine overheat
                L Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
                     L Low tire pressure position telltale
                     L TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) malfunction indicator
                     L Changing a tire with TPMS
                     L Pursuant to Code of Federal Regulations, Title 47, Part 15 ("FCC Rules").
                L Flat tire
                     L Jack and tools
                     L Removing and storing the spare tire
                     L Changing tires
                          L Important - use of compact spare tire
                          L Jack label
                L Towing
                     L Towing service
                     L Removable towing hook
                     L Emergency towing
           L Maintenance
                L Engine compartment
                L Maintenance service
                     L Owners responsibility
                     L Owner maintenance precautions
                L Owner maintenance
                     L Owner maintenance schedule
                L Scheduled maintenance service
                L Normal maintenance schedule
                     L 7,500 miles (12,000 km) or 6 months
                     L 15,000 miles (24,000 km) or 12 months
                     L 22,500 miles (36,000 km) or 18 months
                     L 30,000 miles (48,000 km) or 24 months
                     L 37,500 miles (60,000 km) or 30 months
                     L 45,000 miles (72,000 km) or 36 months
                     L 52,500 miles (84,000 km) or 42 months
                     L 60,000 miles (96,000 km) or 48 months
                     L 67,500 miles (108,000 km) or 54 months
                     L 75,000 miles (120,000 km) or 60 months
                     L 82,500 miles (132,000 km) or 66 months
                     L 90,000 miles (144,000 km) or 72 months
                     L 97,500 miles (156,000 km) or 78 months
                     L 105,000 miles (168,000 km) or 84 months
                     L 112,500 miles (180,000 km) or 90 months
                     L 120,000 miles (192,000 km) or 96 months
                     L 127,500 miles (204,000 km) or 102 months
                     L 135,000 miles (216,000 km) or 108 months
                     L 142,500 miles (228,000 km) or 114 months
                     L 150,000 miles (240,000 km) or 120 months
                L Maintenance under severe usage conditions
                L Explanation of scheduled maintenance items
                L Engine oil
                     L Checking the engine oil level
                     L Changing the engine oil and filter
                L Engine coolant
                     L Checking the coolant level
                     L Changing the coolant
                L Brake fluid
                L Power steering fluid
                L Washer fluid
                L Air cleaner
                     L Climate control air filter
                L Wiper blades
                     L Blade inspection
                     L Blade replacement
                L Battery
                     L For best battery service
                     L Battery recharging by battery charger
                     L Battery recharging by vehicle
                          L Reset items
                L Tire and wheels
                     L Tire care
                     L Recommended cold tire inflation pressures
                     L Checking tire inflation pressure
                     L Tire rotation
                     L Wheel alignment and tire balance
                     L Tire replacement
                     L Wheel replacement
                     L Tire traction
                     L Tire maintenance
                     L Tire sidewall labeling
                     L Low aspect ratio tire
                     L Tire terminology and definitions
                     L All season tires
                     L Summer tires
                     L Snow tires
                     L Tire chains
                     L Radial-ply tires
                L Fuses
                     L Instrument panel fuse replacement
                     L Engine compartment fuse replacement
                     L Fuse/relay panel description
                          L Instrument panel fuse panel
                          L Engine compartment fuse panel (Drivers side)
                          L Engine compartment fuse panel (Passengers side)
                L Light bulbs
                     L Headlight, front position light, front turn signal light, front fog light bulb replacement
                     L Side repeater light bulb replacement
                     L Rear combination light bulb replacement
                     L High mounted stop light
                     L License plate lamp replacement
                     L Interior light bulb replacement
                L Appearance care
                     L Exterior care
                     L Interior care
                L Emission control system
                     L 1. Crankcase emission control system
                     L 2. Evaporative emission control (including ORVR: Onboard Refueling Vapor  Recovery)  system
                     L 3. Exhaust emission control system
           L Specifications, Consumer information and Reporting safety defects
                L Dimensions
                L Engine
                L Bulb wattage
                L Weight/Volume
                L Tires and wheels
                L Recommended lubricants and capacities
                L Recommended SAE viscosity number
                L Vehicle identification number
                L Vehicle certification label
                L Tire specification and pressure label
                L Engine number
                L Refrigerant label
                L Consumer assistance
                L Electrical equipment
                L Reporting safety defects
                L Online factory authorized manuals

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