Kia K900: Automatic stop and Reverse - Power Trunk - Trunk - Features of your vehicle - KIA K900 2014-2022 Owner's ManualKia K900: Automatic stop and Reverse

If, during power opening or closing, the trunk is blocked by an object or part

If, during power opening or closing, the trunk is blocked by an object or part of someones body, the power trunk will detect the resistance and it will stop movement or move to the full open position to allow the object to be cleared.

However, if an object is thin or soft, or the trunk is near the latched position, the automatic stop and reversal may not detect the resistance and the closing operation will continue. If the power trunk is forced by a strong impact, the automatic stop and reversal may operate.

If the automatic stop and reverse feature operates more than twice during one opening or closing operation, the power trunk may stop at that position. If this occurs, close the trunk manually and operate the trunk automatically  again.


To prevent serious injury and damage take the following precautions when operating the power trunk: Keep all faces, hands, arms, body parts and other objects away from the path of the power trunk. Do not intentionally place any body parts or objects in the path of the power trunk to make sure the automatic stop and reversal operates. Do not allow children to play with the power trunk.

Power Trunk Non-Opening or Closing Conditions
The power trunk will not open or close automatically, when the vehicle is moving more than 1.8 mph (3 km/h). The power trunk can be operated when the engine is not running. However, the pow ...

To Reset the Power Trunk
If the battery has been discharged or disconnected, or if the related fuse has been replaced or disconnected, reset the power trunk as follows: 1. Move the shift lever to the P(Park) position. 2. ...

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