Kia K900: Restrictions in Handling Keys - Smart key - Features of your vehicle - KIA K900 2014-2019 Owner's ManualKia K900: Restrictions in Handling Keys

When leaving keys with parking lot and valet attendants, the following procedures

When leaving keys with parking lot and valet attendants, the following procedures will ensure your vehicle’s trunk and glove box compartment can only be opened with the mechanical key.

To lock:

1.Remove the mechanical key from the Smart Key.

2.Unlock the glove box by using the mechanical key, then open it.

3.Set the Trunk Lid Control button to the OFF position (not depressed).

4.Close and lock the glove box using the mechanical key.

5.Leave the Smart Key with the attendant and keep the mechanical key with you.

The Smart Key can only be used to start the engine and operate door locks.

To release:

1.Open the glove box with the mechanical key.

2.Set the Trunk Lid Control button to the ON position (depressed).

In this position the trunk lid will open with the Trunk Lid button or the Smart Key.

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