Kia K900: Turn Signal Indicator Light - Indicator Lights - Warning and indicator lights - Features of your vehicle - KIA K900 2014-2022 Owner's ManualKia K900: Turn Signal Indicator Light

This indicator light blinks:

This indicator light blinks:

When you turn the turn signal light on. If any of the following occurs, there may be a malfunction with the turn signal system. In this case, have your vehicle inspected by an authorized K900 Kia dealer.

The indicator light does not blink but illuminates. The indicator light blinks more rapidly. The indicator light does not illuminate at all.

Immobilizer Indicator Light (With Smart Key)
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High Beam Indicator Light
This indicator light illuminates: When the headlights are on and in the high beam position. When the turn signal lever is pulled into the Flash-to-Pass position. ...

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